Buying Used Car Parts Instead of New Parts
New doesn’t always mean better even when it comes to replacing car parts. Whether you fix cars for a living, enjoy working on your own cars or you’re just a regular driver needing to repair your personal vehicle, buying used car parts can be quite beneficial for your wallet and the environment.

Used car parts are priced affordably, are fairly easy to find and most are OEM parts. Plus, recycling auto parts is good for the environment. Don’t let a parts previous life scare you away from getting your car repaired while saving time and money.

Salvaged OEM Parts Are Better Than Aftermarket Parts
Purchasing new aftermarket auto parts may seem like a good deal but often, they can be defective or just not fit your make and model like the original part from the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts do not have to abide by the performance and quality standards that OEM parts do. Salvage yards are great source for affordable OEM parts that will fit your car, truck, SUV or minivan without a problem. You may even find salvaged OEM parts that are warrantied if they are defective. Gardner Auto Parts offers a 90-day warranty to protect purchasers from spending money on a part that ends up not working for them.

Salvaged OEM parts are not limited to just mechanical parts. You’ll find suspensions, interiors, and body panels. Sometimes, we have car accidents and the vehicle is repairable. New parts are expensive and body shops will add on to the price of replacement parts. With just a phone call or online search, you can find used parts yourself while saving a few bucks.

Used Parts Are Better For The Environment
Auto recycling does a lot more than just save customers money on car repairs. It also prevents car parts from ending up in landfills or just dumped somewhere. This greatly decreases the chance of soil and water contamination from chemicals, such as antifreeze, brake fluid and motor oil.

Buying used car parts has a much bigger positive impact on the environment than most people realize. Auto recyclers remove parts and process them properly for resale to the public, ensuring all fluids are removed and recycled. Recycling used cars and their parts help prevent automotive waste and reduces the need to manufacture new parts.

Used Auto Parts vs. New Auto Parts
In addition to helping the environment and saving money on repairs, salvaged car parts are just as good as buying new. The parts that auto recyclers like Gardner Auto Parts offer for resale are usually original equipment manufacturer parts and fit your vehicle perfectly. Buying used auto parts to repair your vehicle will help keep your car, truck, SUV or van close to original condition at a much lower price.

Used Parts Are Good For Maintaining Older Model Vehicles
Owners of older vehicles know that parts tend to be difficult to find new which makes them very expensive or worse, they have been discontinued. Salvage yards get new inventory daily and can help you find the affordable, used parts you need for your foreign import cars.

Just because your car is getting older doesn’t mean you can’t keep it on the road affordably. Buying used car parts from full-service salvage yards like Gardner Auto Parts makes it simple to maintain your late model European or Japanese import cars.

Find Discontinued OEM Parts
Having trouble finding a discontinued OEM part for your older car, truck, SUV or minivan? Many auto part companies cease making parts if sales don’t support the manufacturing of them. This can be frustrating, as well as expensive, if you do find a new part still remaining in stock. Locating a salvage yard is often your best option for finding discontinued OEM parts in stock at affordable prices.

Full-service junkyards, like Gardner Auto Parts, can quickly tell you if they have the OEM part in stock that you’re looking for. If they don’t have it in their inventory, they can easily locate one or check their incoming inventory. Salvage yards make easy work of finding OEM parts that are no longer in production

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Import or European Car Parts
When you own European or Japanese autos, it’s important to repair your car with OEM parts. Manufacturers have spent time and money to ensure their OEM parts meet high standards of quality and performance. Aftermarket parts often do not live up to those standards and brand new OEM parts can be pricey.

Saving time and money on foreign import car parts is easy when you choose Gardner Auto Parts. Their knowledgeable staff is available to help you find quality used auto parts for your European or import cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans. You’ll save money buying quality used auto parts while doing your part for the environment.